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  • PA-PER-06-BK
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Personal 6 An acoustic, self-contained, versatile, expandable amp. if you want to boost any... mehr
Produktinformationen "Amp Personal 6"

Personal 6

An acoustic, self-contained, versatile, expandable amp. if you want to boost any of the amps from the Natural range, the Personal 6 is the perfect add-on.

For playback and amplification of your electronic drum kit, keyboard, guitar or mic, and doubles up as a highly effective stage monitor. 140 Watts of RMS bi-amplified sound - No holds barred!

The Prodipe active, electro-acoustic Personal 6 speaker is a 'wedge' acoustic amp. It uses the same transducers and amplification as the Natural 6 and has been designed for acoustic guitars/other acoustic instruments.

In addition, if you want to boost any of the amps from the Natural range, the Personal 6 is the perfect add-on. It's also the Natural range's easiest amp to transport.

The Natural range from Prodipe reproduces the type of sound, colourand warmth you'd expect from an amplified acoustic instrument.

Guitarist or acoustic musician - you'll love the absolute sound quality and fidelity

A flexible sound system

It doesn't matter whether you use them as stand-alones or in a speaker bundle, our Natural amps give you pure acoustic sound and extreme versatility every second of the performance.

  • If you add the Personal 6 amp to another Natural amp, you'll have a speaker stack loaded with raw power as well as a built-in mixing console. A Natural 6 bundle will give you 280 Watts RMS, which is almost 400 watts peak power.
  • If you play in a group, each musician can use their own Natural amp. It's a great way to create an inexpensive PA system without sacrificing an amazing sound clarity. The wedge shape and comfortable power output of the Personal 6 also make it the perfect stage monitor.
  • If you play live, our Natural amps are quite happy front-of-house. With their high volume output, their incredible directivity and a sound quality which is unbeatable for the price, they make an excellent sound system for small venues, cabarets and cramped stages.


The Natural series has come about after a long period of research, development and design alongside Ludovic Lanen.

Schéma Personal 6
  • 140 Watts RMS bi-amplified
  • Mixing table 3 inputs
  • Rectangular with cutoff side for wedge use and pole socket for stand mounting
  • Ground lift


  • Dimensions:(W x H x D) 285 x 367 x 290
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Fuse rating:
    • 100V/120V (3.15A)
    • 220V/240V (1A)
  • Shape: Rectangular with pole socket for stand mounting



  • Woofer: 6.5" (165mm) fibreglass membrane
  • Tweeter: 1" (25mm) neodymium dome
  • Frequency range: 50Hz -  20KHz
  • HF power RMS (peak): 40W (60W)
  • LF power RMS (peak): 100W (180W)
  • Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
  • SPL Level (max): 110dB
  • Cut-off frequency: 2.6KHz
  • Subsonic filter: 45Hz



  • Inputs:
    • 1 XLR/Jack
    • 1 jack
    • 1 RCA stereo
  • Input/output impedance:
    • 1.5 KΩ (balanced XLR)
    • 1MΩ (unbalanced Jack)
    • 22Ω (RCA)
  • EQ Boost/cut range (+/- 15dB):
    • High: 12KHz
    • Medium: 2.5KHz
    • Low: 80Hz
  • Anti-feedback : No
  • Ground lift: Yes
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