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  • PG-JB80-BR
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BASS GUITAR PRODIPE GUITARS JB80MA At  PRODIPE GUITARS  we enjoy a challenge and... mehr
Produktinformationen "JB80 MA BLACK"


At PRODIPE GUITARS we enjoy a challenge and we determined to make basses costing from 279 € to compete with instruments costing 400 to 600 €. We enjoy creating instruments which compete with the models of our competitors who are more prestigious and charge considerably more.

The JB and PB models achieve this object 'con brio'!

A single path in the manufacture of our ranges: sincerity and generosity.

  • Sincerity for all our basses: we take particular care in the choice of wood and the craftsmanship, even for parts which are not visible, like the body. We also use old-fashioned varnishes for the traditional BLACKS and SUNBURSTS.
  • Generosity in the fitting out, both the accessories and the electronics: factory-mounted ALNICO V pickups and D'ADDARIO strings are standard on all our models.

PRODIPE GUITARS JB80 MA BLACK and JB80 MA SUNBURST basses recreate perfectly the identity of the original model.

The ALNICO V kit enables us to recover the sound of the greatest and best known bass players: Jaco PASTORIUS, Marcus MILLER, Victor WOOTEN...




  • Series : J. Basse
  • Model : JB80MA
  • Body : Basswood
  • Neck : Maple vintage varnish
  • Nut and saddle : ABS fitted
  • Pickguard : Three-ply ivory
  • Pickups : ALNICO V, 2 single coils
  • Fingerboard : Maple
  • Electronic : 1 volume 2 tone
  • Finition : Black or Sunburst
  • Tuning machine : JB type tuning machine
  • Strings : 45-105
  • Bridge : Standard vintage, 4 saddles


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