Magadi M10 Moon Kalimba

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10-Key Kalimba , Ziegenhaut Größe:170mmx50mm Stimmung: G4,E5,D4,C5,A3,G3,A4,C4,D5,E4... mehr
Produktinformationen "Magadi M10 Moon Kalimba"

10-Key Kalimba , Ziegenhaut
Stimmung: G4,E5,D4,C5,A3,G3,A4,C4,D5,E4

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  1. The round structure of Moon kalimba instrument is unique to our company, and the round shape has obtained the appearance patent.

  2. The keys are made of high-quality food-grade steel imported from Germany. After laser cutting, biological grinding, anti-rust treatment, and mold bending process, the company’s unique style keys are formed. The sound of the keys can last up to 10 seconds. The soft steel keys are especially skin-friendly, and the thumb will not feel tired after a long time playing.

  3. Most of the common kalimba instruments on the market have 17 keys, and the keys are relatively stiff, the finger touching experience is not good, and their tone arrangement is almost the same with others, and our company’s Moon kalimba key layout is unique and exclusive. The key pitch arrangement is different from anyone on the market and is unique to the company. Although there are few keys, most songs can be played.

  4. The steel rod above the kalimba instrument key is made of food-grade steel and specially customized for our company. The two inner hexagon screws on the steel rods are also made of customized stainless steel materials, which are manufactured by our company’s separated mold. The pads under the keys are high-quality copper rods, which have good resistance to sliding friction and resonance.

  5. Selected high-quality North American red cherry wood. The color of this wood is slightly reddish, the texture is clear and beautiful, the hardness is suitable, and it can easily resonate with the sound of the keys of Moon kalimba.

  6. The wooden circle on the back of moon kalimba is carved by the oak board, and there are six protruded beads inside, which strengthens the stability of the wooden circle. The layered superposition of the two wooden circles can be slightly adjusted by in-line screws to achieve a close contact between the top wooden circle and natural sheepskin and enhance the elasticity of natural sheepskin.

  7. After many visits, the natural pure sheepskin selected after dozens of tests has a moderate thickness, a yellowish color, full elasticity, and good resonance effect. After many tests and process improvements, the environmentally friendly glue is used to effectively mount the small cherry wood body on the sheepskin to achieve the perfect combination of natural wood, natural sheepskin, and high-quality kalimba keys.

  8. Countless taps of the tuning hammer, countless breathless listening by the tuner, and countless fine-tuning of the professional tuner, all of them together creates the perfect sound quality of Moon Kalimba.

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