ST80 MABL Sonic Blue

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A model whose sound quality and irreproachable finishes will delight all guitarists: beginners... mehr
Produktinformationen "ST80 MABL Sonic Blue"

A model whose sound quality and irreproachable finishes will delight all guitarists: beginners to more confirmed.

  • Series : ST80
  • Model : ST80MA
  • Body : Basswood
  • Neck : Maple traditional varnish radius 9.5 inch
  • Nut and saddle : ABS fitted
  • Pickguard : Three-ply ivory
  • Pickups : ALNICO V, three single coils
  • Fingerboard : Maple
  • Finition : Traditional varnish
  • Tuning machine : Die-cast chrome
  • Strings : D'ADDARIO EXL-120 - tension 9-42
  • Electronic : 5-way switch, 1 volume and 2 tone
  • Bridge : Standard vintage, six saddles
  • Nut: 42mm
  • Scale length: 648mm

The PRODIPE GUITARS ST80MA series follows the greatest tradition of SOLID BODY guitar manufacture.

The best craftsmen for an unmatched result:

  • a good density basswood body,
  • a neck in vintage varnished maple,
  • a maple fingerboard for more brilliance and edge.

We have also chosen to fit ALNICO V pickups, and a set of nickel-coated D'ADDARIO 9-42 strings for an exceptional result in this price range.

ALNICO V pickups are made with an aluminium-nickel-cobalt alloy, which offers several advantages :

  • Lower magnetic field than a ceramic pickup, for optimum string vibration giving more sustain.
  • Unlike ceramic pickups, ALNICO pickups contain 6 separate magnets. This allows us to choose the perfect configuration for each string during manufacture, thus achieving better balance.
  • The aluminium-nickel-cobalt alloy is also ideal for a palette of warm, full, precise sounds.

Finally, the ST80MA/RA range has a pickup configuration consisting of three single coils, in the perfect tradition for faultless versatility.


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