Manon Kahle

Wann hast du Dein AER Produkt das erste Mal verwendet?

I ended up on an outdoor stage in a little town in Austria, sandwiched between a crowd of about 50 people and a band of 7. The other singer got sick and in a last minute decision, I jumped in for her, having learned her song about 20 minutes before going on stage. She let me use her AER amp and it was so precise and clear that despite the circumstantial chaos, I could hear exactly what I was doing.

Warum hast du dich für diese AER Produkt entschieden?
Next to my main job, I've been singing all my life, but just getting used to working with mics and amps and the whole technical aspect. I tried the amp out a couple of times and it has such a blissfully alive sound compared to others I've been exposed to.
My band is starting to take off and I've been playing more gigs and borrowing amps and it was time to get one of my own. And as an amp is an extension of an instrument, I wanted to get the one that made me sound the best.

Hast du bereits besonders positive Rückmeldungen bezüglich des Klangs  deines Produktes bekommen?
Haven't used mine yet - it just arrived! But from the ones I borrowed, yes – positive feedback.

Erzähle uns eine kleine Anekdote aus deinem Musikeralltag, die du mit deinem AER Produkt verbindest.
See the above story.

Besuchen Sie die Homepage von Manon Kahle oder auch die Ihrer Band Yellow Bird Music

Tags: AER, Alpha, Ukulele, Singer
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