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  • LI-A120
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LiREVO A120 120W acoustic guitar amplifier The A120 have natural and authentic acoustic... mehr
Produktinformationen "LiREVO A120"


120W acoustic guitar amplifier

The A120 have natural and authentic acoustic guitar sounds. Each channel is set to have a compatible 6.35 and XLR combined input interface. The 6.35 mm type is suitable for line signal mono or stereo low impedance input. XLR is used for high quality balance.The MIC channel is a vocal reverb effect. The guitar channel is set to chorus, reverb, and delay. The three parameters are adjustable for high quality effects and three-band equalization. The cabinet design uses a wood grain finish. Hand stitching handles. The A120 is a high-quality acoustic instrument that is fully functional and simple to operate, and can meet the requirements of guitarists at different stages.
Model NO.:A120
120W acoustic guitar amplifier
MIC channel:volume,bass,treble,reverb
Guitar/line channel:volume bass,middle,treble,chours,delay,reverb,
aux in level
aux  input,headphones,effect return,effect send,DI out
Speaker:2*6.5"woofer(2*60W), 1*2"tweeter 30W
Product weight: 14.4kg
Accessories: three plugs of the word foldable power cord. In the English language into a book product manual.
Packaging: PVC0.5 mm plastic bag package. Add a thickness of 60 mm foam to put a printed LIREVO trademark thick brown carton. Carton up and down nail fixation. Carton size:  **cm. Weight: **kg
Normal Warranty Time: 2 year
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